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Choosing Between Mobile And Shop Auto Glass Repair

For auto glass damage, you have two primary repair options to choose from — mobile and shop repairs. On the surface, the only difference between these options seems to be the fact that one involves a technician coming to you and the other is the opposite. However, while you can rest assured that you will receive a professional and complete repair service no matter your choice, there are other differences between the two options. Learn more about some of them.

Damage Location

The location of the damaged glass is of importance. If the damage is centered around the windshield, the choice between a mobile and shop repair is one you can make exclusively based on your wants and needs. For glass repair for other areas of the vehicle, mobile repairs might not be an option.

For instance, a large crack in a rear window involves repairing the damaged glass but also ensuring the defrost system is in place and working correctly. Mobile technicians don't always travel with the equipment necessary to perform the latter step. In this case, a shop visit is necessary. 

Extent of Damage

The level of damage to the auto glass is another factor that will help determine which repair option is best suited for your needs. For small cracks or dents that are relatively easy to address, mobile repair is an easy solution. For more extensive repairs or several cracks and chips, it's typically better to perform the repair in a shop given the amount of time that it will generally take.

However, if the glass has extensive damage, but you will replace the glass rather than repairing it, you might still be able to take advantage of a mobile repair with ease. 

Cost Responsibility

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle, the cost to repair your auto glass will either be covered entirely or you will only have to pay a set, small fee. It's important to note that the cost of mobile and shop repairs are not always the same. 

Mobile repairs are often the costlier service because of the extra expenses that come with servicing the customer on-site. If you don't have any insurance coverage and you have to pay for the repairs 100%, out-of-pocket, you can save yourself money by opting to take your vehicle into the shop to have repairs performed. 

Are you still unsure which repair option to choose? Speak with an auto glass repair technician about your specific needs for further assistance in making the decision.