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Buying Parts For Your Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment parts are not all created equally. Genuine parts from the manufacturer are your best option when you need replacement parts, but some aftermarket parts are also available if you cannot get what you need from the manufacturer. 

Equipment Dealers

Almost all heavy equipment dealers have a parts department with replacement parts and supplies for the equipment they sell. The heavy equipment parts offered through the dealer are typically the same parts used when the equipment is assembled and often have a warranty on them from the manufacturer, unless they are wearable parts like seals, bearings, and brake shoes.

The heavy equipment parts you buy from the dealer are far more likely to fit the machine properly and perform just as the machine's original parts did. However, as your equipment ages, it can become much harder to find the OE (original equipment) parts, even at a dealership. 

Equipment Parts Suppliers

Often new machines use revised parts to improve the machine's performance, and older parts get dropped out of the production queue. When that happens, you may have to look harder to find these OE parts, but some heavy equipment parts suppliers may carry them and still have some of the parts you need on hand.

If there is a part you need, you can talk with one of these heavy equipment parts suppliers to see if they have the part or know where to get it. Often these suppliers use other resources to get the parts they sell, and they may still be able to find the parts for you. 

If you cannot get the OE parts for your heavy equipment, the supplier may be able to offer some insight into the best aftermarket parts that they offer. Often the supplier will know what is best by the returns or complaints that they get. If a part is good, they most likely will not have a return history on it, and often people will let them know if the part or brand worked well for them. 

Used Equipment Parts

In some cases, a new part may not be available for your heavy equipment, especially an older machine. Some used heavy equipment parts suppliers out there can help with good used parts for your machine. When dealing with used parts, it is critical that you check the part over very well to ensure it is going to work and is in good shape.