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Buying A Used Transmission? Know What To Look For

Does your vehicle need a new transmission, but it is too expensive to buy a new one? If so, you're likely going to start looking at used transmissions. Buying used is a viable way to replace this expensive part of your vehicle, but it helps to know what a mechanic will look for in a good used transmission.

Visual Inspection

The mechanic will start by performing a visual inspection of the transmission. They will look for places where bolts go through have been broken off, bolt holes that are stripped, parts of the transmission that are rusted, debris and other signs that the transmission has been left outside, and things of that nature. The mechanic will also want to look over the body of the transmission, on the inside and outside, for hairline cracks. They are trying to identify places on the transmission that look like they were previously welded or that look like a potential spot where the part can fail after it is installed and sees more wear and tear.

It is possible that the mechanic will reject the transmission if too many things are wrong with it from a visual inspection, or they might give you a heads up if you want to move forward with fixing the things that are wrong with it. 

Spin Test

The mechanic will then try spinning the transmission manually to see if there are any problems with it. The mechanic should be able to freely spin the transmission with their hand while the part is in neutral and then observe its movement. If the transmission cannot spin, this is a problem that could prevent the mechanic from using the part on your vehicle. While it is common for the different gears to make it harder to turn the transmission as the gears go up, you never want the transmission to be completely stuck in any gear. 

Bearing Wear Test

Another thing to look for is how much wear is on the main bearing itself. This is done by trying to physically move the main bearing up and down and see how much it moves. A good used transmission should have a solid main bearing that does not shift when pressure is put on it. While a loose bearing can be fixed, that is something that your mechanic may choose to avoid, or they may let you know what is involved to repair the main bearing.

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