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Making Money By Removing An Old Car From The Driveway

A car that has stopped running or is getting old enough that it is no longer safe to drive can be challenging to dispose of. You can put it up for sale, but if it is not running, sometimes the only way to remove it is to sell it for scrap, but there are some services that you can work with to do just that. 

Junking That Old Car

When you are ready to get your old car out of the driveway, you may not be able to sell it to a new owner because of the condition, but you might be able to junk your car for cash. If the vehicle is no longer running, the car's value might be limited to the scrap metal that the car can be turned into. 

Scrap metal recyclers can take the car and reduce it to a small block of metal, but before you take a car to the scrapyard, you need to remove all the things that are not metal from the vehicle. You will need to remove the interior from the car, take off all the rubber hoses and bolts, remove tires, and so on. The fuel tank must also come out, and the oil drained out of the car before the scrap yard will take it. 

For most people, this is not something they want to do. Some services will buy your junk car, prepare the car properly, and then sell it for scrap. The service will not pay a lot of money for the car, but they will typically offer you something and remove the vehicle from your property so you don't have to deal with it anymore. 

Junking Running Cars

If you have a running car that needs more work than you want to put into it, you may be able to sell it to a salvage yard that will strip the parts off before they junk your car. If the vehicle is running, the engine and transmission can be valuable, so you may find a yard where you can junk your car for cash if you can drive it in. 

Often salvage yards are more interested in the pieces they can remove and sell, so the more working parts that car has, the more value it has. Talk to the salvage yards in your area to determine what the fair price is for scrap cars. Junking your car for cash often does not mean you will make a lot of money on the deal, but getting paid to get rid of something you want to go anyway is better than getting rid of it for free.