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Saving Money When Replacing Your Diesel Engine With a Remanufactured Unit

If you are in a situation that requires a new engine in your diesel car or truck, a new engine's cost could be more than you want to spend. Remanufactured diesel engines are often a good option because they come assembled and ready to install at a significantly lower cost than new engines. 

Stock Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured diesel engines are available that are a simple rebuild of the stock engine that you have in your vehicle, and they are ready to use. The engine will have all new parts inside, and the block is cleaned and inspected before use, but they are not new engines. 

If the shop did the job right, the engines can last for years in your vehicle and should run and drive just like the one coming out did when it was new. If you are buying a branded engine, a Ford Powerstroke, or a Cummins engine, you may want to make sure that the rebuilder uses factory parts in the engine so that your vehicle remains as original as possible.

Most remanufactured diesel engines will have a warranty on them as well. Ask the shop that is doing the work what the warranty on the engine you are buying is and any limitations you need to be aware of.

Performance Remanufactured Engines

There are often different performance levels available when you are considering a remanufactured diesel engine. If you want to upgrade your engine when you replace it, you should talk to the shop doing the rebuild about the options you can choose from when they build your engine. 

Diesel engines are different internally than most gas engines. The way they make additional power can be different, so you should talk to the shop about any performance remanufactured diesel engines that they offer. Making sure you understand what they are doing to the engine to gain power is essential. If you are not sure you understand the process, it is vital to ask at the shop so they can explain it to you.

Professional Installation

If you have a mechanic install a remanufactured diesel engine in your vehicle, talk to them about the engine you are considering and look at the options to be sure it will work properly. The tech will be able to remove the old engine from your vehicle, remove the accessories and other parts that you need to reuse, and transfer them to the new engine before installing it.

This is an excellent time to have the tech look over your vehicle and systems to ensure everything is in good condition. It is easier to replace an alternator or a starter with the engine out of the truck than to do it later.