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What You Need To Know When Buying Tires For Your Car

Replacing the tires on your car or truck can be expensive, but there are some ways to reduce the cost and still get good tires for your vehicle. Discount tires are not always low quality, and if you know what to look for, you can often get a good set of tires at a great price.

Mileage Ratings

One of the first things you may notice when looking at tires is the mileage rating displayed with the tire. The tire shop will often have several tires on display with ratings that vary greatly, but those numbers can be confusing.

The mileage rating on the tire is an estimate of how long the tire will last and how many miles it is warranted for, but if you only drive a few miles to work and a limited amount around town, you are not going to benefit from a tire with a high mileage rating. 

It is essential to consider the type of diving you do when looking at the tire options because discount tires may be a perfect fit for your car. 

Size And Speed Rating

If you drive a car that came with tires with a high-speed rating from the factory, you should replace your tires with ones that have the same rating. Buying discount tires is more challenging if you have a sports car or performance vehicle with tires designed to withstand the stress of high speeds, but some companies make speed-rated tires that are substantially lower cost than the big name brands. 

The tire size is critical, and trying to replace the tires on your car with ones that are not appropriately sized can affect the handling and the ride of the vehicle. Saving money by getting smaller tires that are cheaper is never a good idea, and most tire shops would caution against it if you tried. Look for a tire that is the same size in a lesser-known brand name to save some cost. Ask the dealer if they have seen any problems with that brand or do a search online to get some reviews of the tires if you are hesitant to purchase them.

Tire Warranties

It is crucial to understand how tire warranties work. The tire manufacturer will often warranty the tire against quality issues, and some will offer a warranty on damage from a nail or something on the road. In most cases, if the tire needs to be replaced, the shop doing the work must measure the tread depth on the tire and then prorate the tire value based on the wear. 

This means that while the warranty will pay for part of the tire cost, it may only cover half the price if the tires are worn to half their tread. The warranty will cover a new tire completely if the tire is new and blows out or there is a flaw in it. However, if you are close to replacement, the tire value will be significantly reduced. 

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