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Should A New Hood Be Your Corvette's First Carbon Fiber Upgrade?

Carbon fiber parts are a striking upgrade for any car but are also a potentially costly investment. If you're considering purchasing aftermarket carbon fiber parts for your vehicle, you certainly have plenty of options. However, there's no denying that a carbon fiber hood is one of the highest impact parts available for aesthetics and weight savings.

Whether or not upgrading to a carbon fiber hood is right for you can be a challenging decision. While aftermarket upgrades such as these are ultimately very personal choices, these three questions will help you decide if a carbon fiber hood should be on your short list of future modifications.

1. Are You Planning on Future Weight Savings? 

If you track your vehicle, you know that every pound counts. Unfortunately, you probably also know that the biggest gains come from viewing weight savings as an ongoing project. If your car is heavy, then making substantial gains will likely mean installing a wide range of aftermarket upgrades.

Fortunately, a carbon fiber hood is an excellent place to start, especially if you aren't ready to move on to more extreme upgrades. A hood will improve the overall appearance of your car while shaving off some of the easiest weight possible. You'll already have a great starting point once you're ready to move on to other lightweight upgrades.

2. Do You Like a Two-Tone Appearance?

While you can paint carbon fiber panels to match your car's appearance, many people prefer the look of "natural" carbon fiber. Black carbon fiber can create a beautiful two-tone appearance, helping your car to stand out from the crowd and adding more drama to its look. If you're a fan of this style, a hood makes a great first investment since it's so visible.

A hood can also allow you to get more aesthetic value. While carbon fiber front splitters and pillar covers can look great, they can also be slightly more subtle. These options can work well as future upgrades, but they can't match a complete hood replacement to show your carbon fiber off to the world.

3. Do You Want a More Aggressive Appearance?

One of the advantages of carbon fiber, aside from its durability and weight, and the relative ease with which manufacturers can mold it into different shapes. This perk allows aftermarket companies to create parts to fit every style, from direct OE replacements to more aggressive or dramatic designs. These hoods can upgrade the appearance of your car while still shaving off a few pounds.

Choosing a carbon fiber hood that speaks to your style can help your car achieve a meaner, more aggressive look than the factory design. While these hoods won't necessarily remove more weight than any other carbon fiber hood, there's no denying that they can make your car more fun and exciting to own. 

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