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Choosing The Right Batteries For Your Boat: What You Need To Know

When it comes to boat batteries, there are a number of different types to choose from. There are size differences, lifetime differences, energy output differences, as well as options to charge not just your boat, but the electronics you have on board as well. If you are looking for a new battery or multiple batteries for your boat, there are things you should know before making your purchase. Read on for some information to help guide you in the right direction when looking for a new battery.

No, Keeping Your Old Drum Brakes Isn't Worth It

People maintain classic cars for many reasons. You may enjoy owning a piece of automotive history, or you might just like driving a car that stands out among its more modern peers. Whatever the case, there are plenty of decisions to make for upgrades and maintenance. After all, keeping something with decades of life under its belt on the road is no easy task. Unfortunately, it's also easy to get caught up in the idea of keeping an old car precisely as it left the factory.

What You Need To Know When Buying Tires For Your Car

Replacing the tires on your car or truck can be expensive, but there are some ways to reduce the cost and still get good tires for your vehicle. Discount tires are not always low quality, and if you know what to look for, you can often get a good set of tires at a great price. Mileage Ratings One of the first things you may notice when looking at tires is the mileage rating displayed with the tire.

Saving Money When Replacing Your Diesel Engine With a Remanufactured Unit

If you are in a situation that requires a new engine in your diesel car or truck, a new engine's cost could be more than you want to spend. Remanufactured diesel engines are often a good option because they come assembled and ready to install at a significantly lower cost than new engines.  Stock Remanufactured Engines Remanufactured diesel engines are available that are a simple rebuild of the stock engine that you have in your vehicle, and they are ready to use.

Making Money By Removing An Old Car From The Driveway

A car that has stopped running or is getting old enough that it is no longer safe to drive can be challenging to dispose of. You can put it up for sale, but if it is not running, sometimes the only way to remove it is to sell it for scrap, but there are some services that you can work with to do just that.  Junking That Old Car When you are ready to get your old car out of the driveway, you may not be able to sell it to a new owner because of the condition, but you might be able to junk your car for cash.

The Benefits Of Installing A High-Quality Steering Pump

When you think of a high-performance vehicle, you probably think about the quality of the engine that's underneath the hood. A high-end vehicle will be able to put out some serious horsepower, but that's not all there is to it. For a vehicle to actually be able to handle all of that power and speed, you need a variety of other components as well. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle for faster performance, don't forget about the importance of adding things like a high-end steering system.

Buying A Used Transmission? Know What To Look For

Does your vehicle need a new transmission, but it is too expensive to buy a new one? If so, you're likely going to start looking at used transmissions. Buying used is a viable way to replace this expensive part of your vehicle, but it helps to know what a mechanic will look for in a good used transmission. Visual Inspection The mechanic will start by performing a visual inspection of the transmission.

Buying Parts For Your Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment parts are not all created equally. Genuine parts from the manufacturer are your best option when you need replacement parts, but some aftermarket parts are also available if you cannot get what you need from the manufacturer.  Equipment Dealers Almost all heavy equipment dealers have a parts department with replacement parts and supplies for the equipment they sell. The heavy equipment parts offered through the dealer are typically the same parts used when the equipment is assembled and often have a warranty on them from the manufacturer, unless they are wearable parts like seals, bearings, and brake shoes.

2 Signs Your Car's Power Steering Hose Is Leaking Fluid

While looking under your car, you may have noticed a few drops of a pinkish-red liquid. If so, this liquid is your car's power steering fluid. Since the steering system is a closed one, even a few drops indicate a leak somewhere. Look for the signs below that the leaks are coming from the power steering hose. 1. Your Steering Wheel Becomes Harder to Turn One indication that your power steering hose is leaking fluid is when you start to have problems with turning the steering wheel.

Why Does Your Car Run Poorly in Moist Conditions?

Intermittent problems can be a challenge to diagnose even for experienced technicians. When you have an issue that seems to come and go, the first step is usually to ascertain under which conditions it appears. Moisture is a common trigger for many automotive problems, and you may experience poor running conditions on humid days or after a significant rainstorm. While it's never fun to experience issues with your car, noting when the problem occurs can be a great way to understand the underlying cause.